Helena Romanova is a Ukrainian jewellery and accessories designer and the owner of Helena Romanova TM.

Helena Romanova jewellery is an exquisite combination of materials ranging from natural stones, wood, leather, feathers, bones to metal, glass, ceramics and fibres. Helena Romanova brand builds around a delicate fusion of designs and materials to create emotions.

Helena Romanova jewellery is regularly featured by world-class fashion & style publications, including The “Le Negatif” (France), the “Kaltblut Magazine” (Germany), the “REVS magazine”, the Ukrainian editions of the “Vogue”, the “Cosmopolitan”, the “Playboy”, the “LZ Magazine”, theMost Magazine”, the “Wedding Magazine”, the “Fata”, the “Viva”, the “Nataly”, the  “TOUCH”, the “JOY”, the “Scissors”, the “Your Hair” and others.

Helena Romanova brand is very popular with the Ukrainian celebrities. Helena has a track record of cooperation with the Ukrainian fashion brands TAGO, Cathy Telle, UBERlove.

Helena Romanova brand is the reflection of the ever-changing world as well as the emotion of accepting and admiring everything the world has to offer.